A part of the Continuous Competency Development Plan for ACCT Members

Supervision for Counselling Therapists

“The purposes of supervision are to increase competency, promote the professional growth of the supervises, safe and effective use of the therapeutic relationship, discuss the direction of therapy, and safeguard the welfare of the client.”

I am a Master Therapeutic Counsellor (MTC) and a Registered Counselling Supervisor (RCS) with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT) #1021

As a Supervisor, I consider myself more of a guide and a collaborator with the supervisees’ that choose to work with me. You can expect to see and experience many roles from me; that of instructor, consultant, coach, and counsellor. I offer supervision on an individual basis and in Groups with new Counsellors in the field with a case load, as well as Master Level Counsellors.

In my private practice I specialize as a couples therapist, my approach is integrative and direct. I also work with individuals with relationship issues and help them heal from past relationship pain, so they can move on to develop healthy relationships in the future.

I primarily work in the Developmental Model Of Couples Therapy as well as other couples therapy modalities.

If you have an interest in learning more about couples work; and or have couples seeking your support but feel intimidated at the prospect this might be the group for you!

No matter your experience or your chosen modality and scope of practice; if you seek a group or individual supervision I would love to hear from you.

What Supervision in my practice is:
  • A tool for professional development
  • A safe place to address confidentiality issues and ethical dilemmas.
  • A place of learning, building on your expertise.
  • A structured framework for reflection, open to questions and challenges
  • Learn how to do a case presentation and set treatment plans and goals.
  • Supportive and process oriented, practical and non – judgmental
  • An opportunity to network with other diverse counselling professionals.
  • A place to reduce the isolation of work; particularly for Counsellors in private practice.
  • Understanding transference and counter transference
  • Integrating theory and practice
  • Addressing confidentiality issues and ethical dilemmas
  • Addressing client impasses with support and input from the group.
  • Evaluation and congruent authentic support and evaluation from your supervisor.
What Supervision in my practice is not:
  • Chatting informally about client cases– while this can be valuable, it can also be done with colleagues anytime, and at no cost to you.
  • Counselling– working in a group limits the ability to delve deeply into personal issues, and is not a fair distribution of time for other group members. However, I may ask you to reflect on counter transference or your internal responses as it pertains to your work. But only if you feel comfortable sharing with the group.
    I offer individual Counselling sessions to my supervisees to explore personal individual issues or refer you to separate Counselling professional if you prefer.
  • A Complaints Department– It feels great sometimes to let off some steam after challenging interactions with our clients during the beginning of the group session. However, this is not the purpose in our work together.

Individual supervision:
120.00 per 2 hours (as of February 2019)

  • Open to New, Intermediate, and senior level Counsellors with case loads.
  • Sessions to take place monthly or as required to meet ACCT standards.
  • In depth investigation on case files and strategies and goals.
  • Opportunity for processing the Client, Counsellor relationship.
  • Time for personal one on one processing with your Supervisor.

Group Supervision:
90.00 per 2 hours (as of February 2019)

  • One individual Supervision session is required for one on one evaluation purposes every 12 months
  • Open to New, Intermediate, and senior level Counsellors with case loads.
  • Open to those who have a primary individual supervisor, wishing the experiencing of group participation.
  • Groups take place monthly or bi-monthly depending on demand. Dates and times to be announced.
  • New Members are welcomed throughout the year.
  • Offered in a pay by attendance basis or a package of 4 for $324.00