Get the most from your counselling sessions by preparing in advance

Couples Counselling:

Before your first session, please download and read the article titled,
“How to Get the Most from Couples Therapy.”
In addition, each partner should complete a copy of the “Couples Questionnaire”, by downloading it to your computer, filling it out and sending it to Shelley at, or bring it to the first session (in-person sessions).

Premarital Counselling/Relationship Education:

The pre-session questionnaire for “Starting Out: How to Build a Relationship That Lasts” will be sent directly to you by Shelley.



I often get asked why some relationships last for a life time and others don’t. My Husband and I have been Married 34 years and I know first- hand the growing pains of the different stages of an intimate relationship. Is it luck? Is it because the couple has a lot in common? Is it because they come from similar ...Read More

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