On A Personal Note

About Shelley Coates
Relationship & Couples Therapist

Relationship therapist for individuals and couples with offices in Ladner
and White Rock, BC

On Being a Therapist

Throughout my life, I have been intensely interested in the ways human beings interact with each other, especially the non-verbal and subtle ways that couples communicate.

Before I became a relationship and couples counsellor, I was an account executive for a major cosmetics company. Talking to my customers and colleagues was my favorite part of the job. People were drawn to me like a magnet and openly shared their problems with me. I loved to help them.

Eventually, with the encouragement of friends and family, I became a relationship and couples therapist – and am I very happy I did because I love what I do!

Being a therapist provides a deep purpose to my life.

In my small way, I am helping to bring compassion and empathy to the world and contributing to the greater good.

I try to model healthy relationships for my clients as evidenced by my close relationships, especially my marriage with my husband.

With my own experiences in my marriage, I am pleased to offer my relationship and marriage counseling therapy to all my clients. In this way, I very much practice what I preach. I understand the importance of understanding and communication in a relationship, and I want to provide you with all the knowledge, training and experience as a couples and relationship counsellor that I possibly can.

As Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. I have worked hard on my relationship with my husband, with whom I have been married to for 34 years. We had our share of struggles in our early years of marriage, but through hard work, commitment and the help of a couples therapist, we are truly happy together.

My goal as a relationship and couples therapist is to help my clients’ relationships become more balanced, more harmonious, and long lasting. When you have stronger relationships, you are happier and contribute to the world in a healthier way.


Shelley Coates, Registered Master Therapeutic Counsellor

On A Personal Note

I’ve been happily married for 34 years. This has given me great empathy for couples trying to navigate the relationship journey; it takes great courage to make a relationship succeed!

I have two adult children with whom I see regularly. We have a lot of fun and enjoy being together.

I love fitness, painting, being in nature, historical fiction and am an avid reader. I also love to travel and am always working on the next trip.

Relationships are at the core of who we are and who we would like to become. Through counselling, I can help you navigate the relationship journey and develop a better love…

If you want to have a happier and more fulfilling relationship, contact me to book an appointment. I have therapy offices in Ladner and White Rock, BC. My clients also come from Tsawwassen, South Surrey and Richmond.